The Canadian Cardiomyopathy Collaborative

Harnessing the power of big data and AI to deliver precision medicine for cardiomyopathy.

The Canadian Cardiomyopathy Collaborative (C3) brings together the nation’s leading multi-centre, cardiomyopathy registries with the goal of applying AI and precision medicine approaches to develop and implement patient-centered risk prediction models and novel precision therapeutics to improve outcomes in cardiomyopathy across the lifespan. The collaborative leverages patient participants from the Heart Centre Biobank Registry at the Hospital for Sick Children, Hearts in Rhythm Organization (HiRO) at University of British Columbia and Hearts in Rhythm Organization-Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HiRO-HCM) at Montreal Heart Institute.

A flagship project of the collaborative is AID-HF or Artificial Intelligence to model Diastolic Heart Failure in cardiomyopathy. The project will integrate deep phenomics, radiomics, genomics, proteomics and metabolomics to identify predictors of diastolic heart failure and determinants of outcomes. Bringing together patients, clinicians and researchers in this effort will position Canada for clinical trials of emerging therapies.

Expertise and Contributors

Metabolomics: Matthieu Ruiz (Montreal Heart Institute)

Proteomics: Guillaume Pare (Population Health Research Institute)

Genomics: Seema Mital (Hospital for Sick Children), Rafik Tadros (Montreal Heart Institute)

Phenomics: Jacinthe Boulet (Montreal Heart Institute), Julia Cadrin-Tourigny (Montreal Heart Institute)

Imaging: Teresa Tsang (University of British Columbia), Darwin Yeung (University of British Columbia), Christina Luong (University of British Columbia), Maxime Tremblay (Montreal Heart Institute), Luc Mertens (Hospital for Sick Children), Mark Friedberg (Hospital for Sick Children), Andreea Dragulescu (Hospital for Sick Children)

Data analytics & AI: Cedric Manlhiot (Hospital for Sick Children), Robert Avram (Montreal Heart Institute), Abhinav Sharma (Montreal Heart Institute)

Takanori Suzuki, MD, Post-doctoral Research Fellow,
Hospital for Sick Children (2023-25)
Jose Luis Lopez Guillen, MD, Pediatric Cardiology Fellow, Hospital for Sick Children (2024-26)

Events and Meetings


May 22, 2024: CHFA Canadian Cardiomyopathy Collaborative meeting, Marriot Chateau Champlain hotel, Montreal

October 28, 2023; CHFA Canadian Cardiomyopathy Collaborative meeting, Westin hotel, Montreal


The Canadian Cardiomyopathy Collaborative is funded by a Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR) team grant to the Canadian Heart Function Alliance, the Ted Rogers Centre for Heart Research, and unrestricted education funds from Bristol Myers Squibb.

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